what my clients have to say 

“ Nicolas created such a beautiful wall, that my neighbors now talk to me. Passersby cross the street to tell me how lovely it is. The stonework is so fine, so artistic, that when one woman complimented me on what a fine job I'd done, I almost didn't tell her that Nicolas was the craftsman. Even in this market, the house has gone up in value.”

Ed Reid, Portland, OR

"We enjoy our stairs every single day. You get so many compliments, wish you could hear our guests comments. You, sir, are an artist with rocks!”

Janet Hatcher, Bend, OR

“Nicolas Miranda brought the eye of an artist and the hand of a master craftsman to the project we proposed. He immediately understood our vision for the back garden and his work exceeded our expectations. He chose stones and cut them in such a way that the  spiral, within  the stone circle, suggests water flowing to the center. Throughout the project we were  impressed with Nicolas’s skill, work ethic, and pleasant presence. We recommend him to others without reservation.”

Cindy McEnroe & Joe Coletto, Portland, OR

Email: mstonework@comcast.net   Phone or text: 503-956-2303

“We contracted with Nicolas Miranda to build a flagstone patio. We added to the challenge by asking him to use beautiful Eagle Mountain stone (heavier and denser than bluestone). He added further to the challenge by suggesting a radial sunburst  design. The result was a stunning work of art. Nicolas merits our highest recommendation and he’s a great guy to work with.” 

Gene Hiehle, Portland, OR

“Nicolas is an artist whose beautiful stone work is a testimony to his attention to detail. Even when we were more than satisfied, he kept tweaking his creation until our old, rickety steps were replaced by a beautiful and safe alternative. Each time we use them brings back warm feelings for a wonderful young man.”

Ellen & Jim Berger, Rockcreek, OR